Entry #1

the thing i hate about newgrounds...

2008-01-27 04:22:22 by xXxTHRILLxXx

i hate the fact that you have to wait forever to see feedback for your submissions. in 10 seconds 100 ppl can view it, but none of those ungreatful motherfuccas can review it. smh. shame on you.

the thing i hate about newgrounds...


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2008-01-27 04:38:37

thats not newgrounds' fault

now the fact that you can't view any of them until it passes is.


2008-01-27 09:13:15

fo real man. but there are them dumbass kids who b like: ya shit is wack, jus leave newgrounds. i hate them too, n u go check em out to see if they got shit, and those typa ppl always aint got shit. eyybody who b leavin real good reviews, they always the ones who got the best tracks. kno whut im sayin?


2008-03-29 23:50:39

You hate newgrounds,Newgrounds hates you. Fair trade.


2008-03-29 23:51:10

Woop,nevermind. I thought you said "I hate newgrounds".